November, 2021

Competition: November 5th & 6th, 2021

Festival performance: November 7, 2021

The Vision of Relevé    

Relevé is a nonprofit ballet competition with the mission to benefit children’s health. We are excited to offer an amazing opportunity for dancers from across the United States. These dancers will use their passion of dance to ignite action for others to support Relevé, which in turn will bring needed funding to various organizations that specialize in children’s health.  At the same time dancers will gain valuable skills in sportsmanship, discipline and confidence as they end their weekend performing in front of an audience.

Relevé, the ultimate reward: children helping children “rise up” so they can achieve their dreams.

Viktor Yeliohin, Founder and President of Relevé

Viktor is a former soloist with the Donetsk Ballet of Ukraine, is a Ballet Master, Professor of Choreography, and studio Owner and Director, with a career spanning more than 20 years. He was born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, and graduated from Tashkent State Academy of Ballet School of National Dance and Choreography in Uzbekistan. He joined the Donetsk Ballet in 1976 as a soloist and was also a principal dancer, teacher, and choreographer for the Donetsk Ballet. In May, 1995, he received a diploma of Professor of Choreography from the Academic Board of the Ukraine Academy of Dance in Kiev. Viktor has staged The Nutcracker Ballet in the United States since 1992. In the fall of 2010, Viktor opened the Viktor Yeliohin International Ballet Academy in Lancaster, PA. Currently, Viktor serves as a judge for the Grand Prix International Festival in Kiev, Ukraine. In May of 2019, Viktor established Relevé.

    “Life is given only once, and one wants to live it boldly, with full conscious and beauty.” Anton Chekhov